Level 6 - Master Prep Agility

This class is for teams that are beginning their competitive agility career and have been running starter/novice and/or advanced/intermediate courses and are wanting to move on to master/champion courses. We will be running sequences to teach you to find your best lines, handle more complex challenges, tighten your turns and increase your dogs commitment to obstacles.

our dog must be able to perform all obstacles and has been competing in at least starter/novice level.  Your dog must also be able to work in a class with other dogs.

Goals and Expectations:
Helping you to find your best lines and handling options to successfully navigate more challenging courses at the Masters level.  Problem solving current weaknesses in the competition ring.

Session Details:
Cost: $120.00
Length: 4 - 50 minute sessions
Size: up to 4

Upcoming Sessions:
Thursday 2018-03-08 @ 5:00 PM with Sandra Orr at Ring 5 (Red Barn Event Centre)
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