Advanced/Expert Tricks Workshop with Katherine Ferger

2018-02-11 @ 1:00 PM at Ring 5 (Red Barn Event Centre) with Katherine Ferger | Map | Instructor Bio
• Suitable for dogs who already have a Novice Trick Dog Title or equivalent training.
• We will cover advanced targeting and learn how to chain tricks together to form more advanced and complex tricks.
• Dogs attending this workshop should have several novice and/or intermediate level tricks in their repertoire including an understanding of paw and nose targeting, a basic retrieve and be familiar with perch work and pedestal training.
• Participants will have an opportunity to earn official Trick Dog Titles at the conclusion of the workshop.

Feb 11th 1:00 pm to 5:00pm

Junior Handlers may register for one tricks workshop free of charge either morning novice or the afternoon intermediate/advanced (with existing novice title).

If interested students can achieve Advanced/Expert Trick Dog titles as well as lay a solid foundation for those interested in possible future performance activities or commercial/film work.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Tricks course or Novice/Intermediate Trick Dog Title

At the conclusion of the course students will have the option, if they are interested, to earn titles through the Do More With Your Dog program for an additional 5.00 charge
Audit spot - $25.00
Full Working Spot - $75.00
Junior Handler - $0.00
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