Canine Anatomy, Structure & Function with Anna Hewson

2018-01-29 @ 7:30 PM at Ring 6 (Red Barn Event Centre) with Anna Hewson | Map | Instructor Bio
First Class: January 29nd 7:30
****Demonstration dogs will be provided****
Canine structure is important for not only breeding stock, but also for canine athletes and family pets. Breeders use their knowledge of structure and movement to determine which dogs should be mated to produce sound puppies an then place them in homes best suited to both the puppy and client needs. This presentation will give you tools to help make choices to prevent injury and have a dog willing and able to compete in your chosen sport. Students will then find these parts on their own dogs and research for homework what is most appropriate for their breed/sport.

Second Class: Feb 5th 7:30
****Demonstration Dogs will be provided
This introduction to movement will discuss correct movement and deficiencies in poor movement. Students will learn what types of movement might impede dogs from certain types of work. The intent is to help students recognize the best placement of limbs, correct shape and how it all comes together to produce efficient, long enduring, easy moving companions.
Cost: $50.00
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